School History

History records that the initial name of Malabon was Tambobong derived from name of the “tambo” plant which grew in wild abundance during the ancient time. Later on, the natives affixed “ma” to the word “labong”, a plant that was also plenty in the town that time. Hence, the place became Malabong. To differentiate it from a town in Cavite named Malabon Grande, Malabon became Malabon Tambobong.  Years later, Tambobong was dropped from the name and the town has been known as Malabon up to this day.

Malabon Elementary School is named after the city itself. It was the oldest school in Malabon established in 1903.  Mr. Grant Lynd became the first principal.   MES was initially named “Hulo School”.  It became “Malabon Elementary School” when the school enrolment increased.  Its first building was the former Site of a tobacco factory during the Spanish time (1851).  Later in September of 1967, a new school building was constructed replacing the first one built back in 1903.  The second school building retained the Spanish architectural façade of the first building.  The walls were made of adobe and other durable materials.

American teachers or Thomasites managed the school from 1903 to 1911. Since 1903, the school has been under the following school administrators:

Mr. Grant Lynd  (1903-1904)Mrs. Leticia Diaz (1945-1951)
Mr. William Montavon (1905-1906)Mr. Noel Sedilla ( 1951-1961)
Mr. Albert Cassidy (1907- 1909)Ms. Consolacion Padilla ( 1961-1971)
 Mrs. Margaret Alice Keney    (1909-1910)Ms. Anastacia Calope (1971-1976)
Mr. Florentino Cayco (1914)Mrs. Leticia Tumbocon ( 1976-1979)
Mr. Juan Gonzaga (1914-1920)Mr. Jorge Cabawatan ( 1979-1984)
Mr. Ildefonso Santos (1920-1925)Mr. Mauro Reyes ( 1984-1989)
Mrs. Alejandra Tablante (1930-1935)Dr. Luzviminda Jacinto (1989-1999)
Mrs Feliza Cayco (1935-1940)Dr. Hortencia Pascual (1999-2000) 
Mr. Hospicio Santos (1950-1956)Mrs. Lucia Lupisan (2000-2003)
Mr. Fortunato Cruz (1956-1962)Dr. Cynthia B. Saluta (2003-2006)
Mr. Ruperto Sarmiento (1962-1964)Dr. Maria R. Mabini (2006 -2007) 
Mr. Crisanto Estacio (1964-1966)Dr. Lolita A. Tablizo(2008- 2011)
Ms. Paula Francisco (1966-1968)Dr. Marissa B. Cristobal  (2011- 2013)
Ms. Fidela Perez (1968-1970)Mrs. Riza G. Andrade (2013-2018)Ms. Melinda C. San Pedro (2018-present)

At present, MES continues its operation as a public educational institution to provide free and inclusive education to school-aged children.  Up to this date, MES continues to produce competent elementary graduates. Some noted personalities of Malabon City are products of this school.  To name a few: Former Mayor Amado Vicencio of Malabon City, Malabon Artist Angel Cacnio, and Former Energy Secretary Delfin Lazaro.  The school has also produced a breed of competent and dedicated school personnel, doctors, government officials, engineers, and businessmen.

School Facilities